Anoox – The SCAM company and it’s crazy founder

You have probably not heard about Anoox yet. Don’t worry, it is a small fringe so called “Search Engine” created by a disgusting little toad of a person called Dean Ansari.

I was totally scammed by this so called company when I bought advertising from it. Anoox claims to offer advertising at about 90% cheaper than Google. So I bought $500’s worth of advertising from Anoox. And boy, was I scammed! After two months of trying to find answers, I had the joy of dealing with Dean Ansari. For my total spend of $500, I got a grand total of 6 visitors, all from Tier 3 country IP addresses. When I eventually managed to get hold of the scammer called Dean Ansari, he told me my stats were incorrect, and that his stats were correct.

Now here comes the crazy part: Dean Ansari is so crazy and paranoid. He accused me of working for Google, that Google was threatened by Anoox and that he would show Google one day how he would take all of Google’s search engine traffic away. He is so delusional.

So, Anoox is a scam company. Dean Ansari is a scammer. If you do a Google search on Anoox, you will see some many articles written by Dean himself, trying to out-SEO Google with some reputation management. And you will see all the posts are written in the same style. You see, Dean LOVES writing in capital letters to try and PROVE his point. Only his point matters. He will attempt to speak over you if you speak to him on the phone, or he will totally ignore what you have written in your email, and will instead reply to tell you how AWESOME Dean Ansari and AnooX are, and how every search engine tries to put him down.

Dean Ansari even has a page dedicated on Anoox that explains how Google manipulates his listings, how Anoox is the only non profit Search Engine, how Google is scared of him and Anoox, etc etc. Get the point?

Anoox might be a non profit Search Engine, but Dean Ansari surely rakes in the cash by scamming people who want to advertise on the site. He lives in a very luxurious house, paid by scamming people. I should have checked before parting with my cash. The search results in the website are horrendous, full of spammy links put there by users. I tried searching for a few terms and got nowhere. A total waste of time and money.

So my review of Anoox? A total scam of a company, run by a fraud and a paranoid scammer.